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New Products - More and more products are added to our hotel accessories collection every month. We encourage you to visit regularly to view our latest additions of items such as service trays, amenities trays, soap dishes, waste bins, laundry baskets and other guestroom and bathroom accessories.  We have provided a New Products  link which will show you the latest hospitality accessories that have been added.

Please explore our entire catalogue - your search options are as follows.

COLLECTION - a combination of uniquely designed hotel accessories created within a theme. There are many different themes to view.  You can mix and match as you wish and customise upon request.

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CATEGORY - Using the drop down menu you can select from a grouping - suitable for a particular use - tabletop accessories, guestroom accessories, bathroom accessories and spa accessories.

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ITEM - Using the drop down menu you can select from any single range of products - these products may or may not be part of a theme, and can feature in more than one category - if applicable. Examples of items include ashtrays, baskets, candle holders, dispensers, tissue boxes, trays, waste bins and many, many more.

This site has been designed  for ease of navigation. You can move from any section of the site (Collection, Category, Item) by using the search section on the right hand side of the screen) . You can add any item to your shopping cart, regardless of the Collection or Category.  Indicators on the left hand side of the screen tell you where you are currently (Collection, Category)

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