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Hospitality Essentials PT Bali Boxes
P.T. Bali Boxes is extremely proud to announce that the Hospitality Essentials brand has joined us to greatly complement our existing hospitality division Beyond Menus.  Between the two brands we now have over 4000 hotel, restaurant and spa accessories including menus, room folders, waste bins, tissue boxes, dispensers, table top and other OS&E accessories.  
Beyond Menus was established in 1990 on the Island of Bali and has been privileged to design, manufacture and supply menus and accessories to leading hotels worldwide.  Hospitality Essentials was conceived in 2007 and  has enjoyed great success with their line of designs – joining the two brands together means we can now offer an unbeatable collection of innovative custom made accessories that will grace and complement your hotel, restaurant and spa.
Our team of designers have taken concepts and designs and developed our collection of distinctive hospitality products with special emphasis on quality, practicality, commercial suitability and exceptional value for money.
Timber, copper, rattan, bamboo, resin, shell, cocoshell and cinnamon are just some of the huge variety of materials that we incorporate into our designs – we are extremely fortunate to be based in Indonesia which has such an abundance of materials and talented craftsman – almost nothing is impossible to make!
Our catalogue of hotel accessories includes ranges of guestroom, bathroom, tabletop and spa accessories. 
Would you prefer your own design?
Would you prefer to Incorporate your own logo?
Our specialist team can transform your ideas into fantastic and functional customised hospitality accessory products, 
Over the coming months we will be joining our two websites together, in the meantime please do take the time to browse  through www.beyondmenus.com to see a huge variety of menu and room folder designs and many collections of room and restuarant accessories
A number of the staff from Hospitality Essentials have joined us in our office, so existing clients of the brand will find the changeover seamless.
For further details please contact sales@sb-he.com or info@beyondmenus.com
The Hospitality Essentials & Beyond Menus team very much look forward to working with you and welcoming back existing clients!
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